MISZ the Groove Producer


Drummer. Keyboardist. Producer. Composer. Arranger. Lover of music and all things great.


MISZ The Groove Producer AKA The Jazzbian is a self-taught drummer. Although her first formal music lesson was the piano, she has studied the trumpet, French horn, cello, bass and guitar.

She is a fan of music. Jazz, Soul, Gospel, Funk, Country and Rock. It was the original fusion sounds of great jazz players who created jazz fusion that captured the ears and heart of MISZ. She was immediately inspired by those great artists. She feels that their musical styles contributed so much to how she sounds today. “That music is a special musical memory for me. The music of those artists is timeless.”

After earning a bachelor’s degree in English and Speech Communications from University of Washington, she decided to focus on her music career. She moved to Los Angeles, CA. There, she met Patrice Rushen, and a friendship began. After her time in southern California, she knew she needed to return home to Seattle to reconnect to the place that musically started it all.

MISZ is very passionate about music. She hopes to inspire future generations of musicians. She enjoys experimenting with different genres of music hoping to create new sounds and cool new jazz styles that will be welcomed by people looking for something refreshing and innovative. Her music is embraced by music lovers throughout the world. Whether the music is originating from a soul, electronic dance music, rock, country, gospel hip hop or funk perspective, she can and will find a way to jazz it up.

She has produced music featuring Patrice Rushen, Ernie Watts and Jeff Lorber. MISZ is a rising star in the world of contemporary jazz. According to MISZ, “Music is so powerful. I just want to play music that is fun and cool like it was for me when I first heard music. I want my music to make the listeners hearts smile.”

Assisting MISZ with the music are band members, Paul Richardson on piano, Jay Thomas on tenor and alto saxes, flugel horn, trumpet and flute, Michael Powers on guitars and John Studamire on bass.


MISZ the Groove Producer is based in Seattle, WA.  


Record Label: Solid Groove Recordings